Law School Building Use: Final Exams Fall 2019

by guest author Andy Kretschmar

Sent in an email to all current law students on November 26, 2019.

The Law School is taking the following steps to regulate undergraduate and public use of the Law School building during final exams (Sunday, December 1st to Friday, December 13th):

Restricting access to non-law visitors

As a part of the USC campus, the building is open to the public until 9pm, but we will be taking the following steps to restrict access:

The Student Commons will be accessible only to USC School of Law students. Remember to have your Carolina Card on you, as you’ll need it to enter the Commons. This will be in effect 24/7 during the exam period.

Classrooms will lock 30 minutes after the final exam of the day. After they lock, only law students will be able to enter using their Carolina Card.

The building doors lock at the following times:

Senate Street: 9:00 PM

Gervais Street: 6:00 PM

Remember! The doors to the building lock to ensure that you have a safe and reliably quiet place to study. Please do not prop open doors or allow anyone that you do not recognize to access a locked part of the building.

Study rooms

Signage will be posted on all group study rooms stating that they are for the sole use of law students during final exams.

If you’d like to book a room, please do so at Law library staff scrutinize each and every booking request submitted to ensure that policies are being followed and that only those requests submitted by law students are approved.

General signage

Signage will be displayed outside of the library outlining our Code of Conduct and expectations for all users.

This will also be displayed on the digital displays visible throughout the building. Please familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct, and do not hesitate to report any infractions or concerns to law school staff.


Please report any disruptive behavior as soon as possible. If you are in the library and would like to make a noise complaint, simply visit the library website where you’ll find the option to report a noise issue.


Please be aware that outside of M-F 8am-5pm, staffing is limited, and library staff will not be able to physically respond to issues outside of the library.

If you encounter an issue that requires immediate attention, please do not hesitate to call the USC Police non-emergency line at 803-777-4215. For emergencies, call 803-777-9111.

Remember, we can’t enforce these expectations and policies without your help!

Thank you, and best of luck on your final exams.

Better Know a Study Aid

We asked Dean Wilcox how law students should use study aids, and he jokingly said, “Stack them up. They give you confidence.”

He is lightheartedly making a serious point. Simply having study aids does not boost results. In order to benefit from a study aid, you have to put significant time and effort into using it effectively.

The full list of study aids available for free checkout through the law library’s Circulation desk is at

Guide to Study Aids

Just in time for the pre-exam crunch, library staff member Amy Persons has created a browse-able guide to the study aids in the law library:

Our current guide only has the required 1L courses listed so far, as well as bar exam study aids. We’ll be going back to fill in 2L and 3L course topics soon!

Browse by Series

Are you a fan of a particular series of study aids? For example, if Glannon’s Torts study aid was helpful last semester, would you want to check and see if Glannon also offers a study aid for Property? If you learned a lot from the Examples & Explanations for Contracts, how about checking out the Examples & Explanations for Civil Procedure? Click the tab for a series to see all the 1L-course study aids offered in that series.

Browse by Topic

If you want all the study aids you can find for a particular class, click the tab for that course topic to see all the study aids we offer, from whatever series they may be, including standalone guides not part of any series.

What If It’s Checked Out?

The current versions of the study aid books are on the 1st floor, in the low shelves under the windows facing the student commons. If the current study aid you want is checked out, you may be able to find an older version on the shelf on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the library. Use the call number you find in our guide.

2nd floor: call numbers beginning with KF1 to KF2940
3rd floor: call numbers beginning with KF2972 to KF9817

Other Formats

Study aids aren’t limited to books. Our guide also helps you find flashcards, audio CDs, CALI lessons, and Kanopy streaming video.

Good luck on exams!

Book Your Study Room

Our study room reservation calendars are starting to look festive.

small group study room reservations as of 1:30 pm, 11/30/17

If you’re going to need a study room, book now to avoid disappointment.

How do I reserve a study room?

Go to Alternatively, go to the law library’s website, click on Quick Links, then click Reserve a Room.

Click on Large Group Study Rooms or Small Group Study Rooms. To book small group study rooms, there must be a minimum of 2 law students. To book large group study rooms, there must be a minimum of 3 law students.

Click the calendar date for your reservation.

Select the room you want. Click the (i) next to a room number to see a photo of the room and details of its capacity.

Study rooms inside the library are marked “– Library,” require that drinks are in spillproof containers and that no food is brought in, and are not available after the library closes (typically 11 pm or midnight during exams). For any study room, click on consecutive green half-hour slots, up to 3 hours per group per day maximum.

From there, follow the prompts to read our policies, submit names and emails of those reserving the room, and receive confirmation of the booking via email.

Can I just take the first room available, without reserving?

You are welcome to use an unoccupied study room without a reservation. However, if someone else has reserved it, you will have to leave. The odds of someone else having reserved any particular study room are higher this time of year, due to exams.

Can I leave my stuff in a study room for just a minute?

We ask that you not leave items unattended in a study room, due to the risk that items may become lost or stolen. Remember the law library is open to the public daily until 9 pm during exams. At a minimum, unattended or forgotten items may create a distraction for the next group using the room.

Could you please post your official, complete study-room policies as a block of fine print I could read? (I’m studying to become a lawyer.)
  1. Our group study rooms may be reserved only by USC School of Law students, staff, and faculty. Exceptions may be made for educational purposes on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by library administration.
  2. Bookings must be approved by Law Library circulation staff to ensure that all listed users are eligible to reserve the room. If your booking is made during the library’s operating hours, please allow for up to one hour for a response. Any bookings made when the library is closed will receive a response when the library opens.
  3. If you are unable to use the study room at your scheduled time, please be sure to cancel it at least 30 minutes before your booking starts, if possible. If a room that has an approved booking goes unoccupied after 30 minutes, that booking will be canceled.
  4. You may reserve the room for three hours per day per group. Reservations must be for consecutive time slots or your reservation may be canceled i.e. you may not request every other 30 minute time slot over a six-hour span.
  5. If no one has reserved the room after your time allotment, you may stay past the end of your booked time slot. If you decide to extend your booked time while you’re in the room, please use this website to do so.
  6. If there is any damage to the room, report it to the Law Library circulation desk immediately.  Failure to do so may result in you being charged for the damage.
  7. If you have any questions about your booking, please speak to a staff member at the Law Library circulation desk, but please know that Law Library staff will not be responsible for mediating any conflicts between parties regarding bookings.
  8. All rooms should be equipped with dry erase materials. If you need replacements, please see the Law Library circulation desk.
  9. Please direct any questions or concerns about study room technology to IT at
  10. These rooms do not lock, so please do not leave possessions unattended. The USC School of Law is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Dear @UofSCLawLib

We posted a friendly reminder of our food policy on our Twitter account yesterday.

A faculty member had questions.

Lots of questions. So many questions.

We kept getting called on to answer more hypotheticals.

Good thing we are a library and had done our reading! We were ready!

Bring on the exam questions based on law library food policy. We’ve got this!

Thanks to Professor Stoughton for helping us get the word out about the law library rules:

  1. no food, and
  2. drinks in spillproof containers only.

PASCAL delivers; Irma interrupts

We in the law library urge everyone to track the weather carefully and be safe.

  • Whenever law library hours change due to weather, or for any other reason, we will immediately update our calendar as soon as we learn of the decision.
  • Due to the anticipated impact of Hurricane Irma on member libraries around the state, PASCAL Delivers requesting was suspended at noon on Friday and will remain suspended at least thru Monday. PASCAL Delivers will also suspend courier service on Monday for the entire state due to the anticipated impact of the hurricane.
  • Our electronic resources remain accessible.
  • Find USC-specific weather updates at
  • Register to receive USC-specific emergency alerts via text at Carolina Alert.

1L Orientation to the Law Library

Lexis Advance, Westlaw, and TWEN
Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing (LRAW)
  • First-week assignments for LRAW, as well as all other classes are at
  • 1Ls complete the Legal System Pre-Class Exercise by clicking on their research professor’s name, then answering the questions in one session. (Saving answers and returning to finish later is not possible; however, referring to the online textbook is allowed.)
On the Law Library’s Website:
More Law Library Information:

@UofSCLawLib is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 1Ls who “like” or “follow” @UofSCLawLib on any of these services by August 31 will be entered into a drawing to win first pick of two prizes at Library Fest 2017.

Library Fest 2017 will be Friday, September 22, 12:30 to 1:30. All UofSC law students are invited. The law library will offer prizes galore!

Mindful Coloring and Mindful Reading

Mindful Coloring

At least one study suggests that coloring can help relieve exam-related stress.

From November 21 through December 9, the law library is offering coloring pages (take one and it’s yours) and colored pencils (return them when you’re done) at the circulation desk.

Coloring pages are available in four categories: law, legal research, geometric, and mandalas.

Mindful Reading

E-books on mindfulness are available to law students through USC libraries.

Click on a book cover image below to go to an e-book’s entry in the online library catalog. From that page, look just below the words “Connect to” in the center for the appropriate link to click on. You will need to enter your USC Network ID and password (same as for your email). Then you can access the e-book.

mindful-way-through-stress-book-cover This guide to mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) contains vivid stories and everyday examples. In as little as 10 minutes a day over 8 weeks, you’ll be taken step by step through a carefully structured sequence of guided meditations and easy yoga exercises.

Audio tracks for guided meditation are included as part of the e-book.

mindful-way-workbook-book-cover The 8-week program covered in this workbook is built on mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), which has been tested and proven effective in clinical trials to help overcome depression, anxiety, and stress The authors introduce specific mindfulness practices to try each week, plus reflection questions and tools for tracking progress.

Audio tracks for guided meditation are included as part of the e-book.

mindful-compassion-book-cover In order to fully thrive, we require motivation. Compassion, like anger or aggression, is an extremely powerful motivational force that can bring about real, lasting change. This book shows how mindfulness and compassion can work in harmony to offer a new, effective, and practical approach to overcoming everyday problems.

Book information above is excerpted and adapted from publishers’ descriptions.

See more mindfulness resources available via USC libraries.

Mindful Coloring in the Law Library

colored pencils

Students, faculty, and staff of the USC School of Law may access colored pencils and coloring pages at the circulation desk in the law library September 26 through September 30.

Sets of colored pencils may be checked out. Sharing is encouraged. Coloring pages may be selected one at a time and kept.

Studies show that coloring or other artistic activities may reduce anxiety and stress hormones. One study found that coloring for a short time was associated with lower anxiety in students before exams.

A few law classes have midterms, so the coloring pages and colored pencils are available in the law library now (Sept 26-30). And they’ll be back again just before finals.


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September is Library Card Sign-Up Month

Download Media for Free

Why pay for ebooks, audiobooks, online ad-free magazines, mp3s from the Sony music catalog, or streaming video, when you can get all this for free on your own internet-enabled device, courtesy of your public library, without leaving home?

Local public libraries in and near Columbia offer some great downloadables. For example, check out what’s available in Lexington and Richland counties.

You just need to download an app and type in your library card number to access free media on your device, wherever you are, with no need to visit the library in person. Both Lexington and Richland provide simple how-to-download instructions and email or phone support.

Get a Library Card

If you like the downloadables that Richland Library offers, and you’re a current USC law student living outside Richland County, just bring your student ID or official class schedule with you to a Richland Library location when you sign up for a library card. Current USC law students can get a Richland Library card for free, no matter what county they live in (normally there is a $65 annual fee for non-Richland residents).

Read more about how to sign up for a library card if you live in Lexington County or Richland County.

Lexington County Public Library logo
sign up for a library card




Richland Library logo
sign up for a library card