Register to Vote in SC; Understand SC Voting Requirements

It’s impossible not to have heard about the upcoming presidential election. However, law students who recently moved to South Carolina might not yet be registered to vote here or know the state’s requirements regarding the voting process.

Voter Registration

The South Carolina Election Commission offers online and in-person voter registration. If a voter is unsure whether they may already be registered, they should first check their voter registration online. The deadline to register to vote in the 2016 general election is October 8.

Personalized Voter Information

To confirm where to vote in person on November 8, a registered SC voter can input their county, name, and date of birth and get the address of the precinct where they vote. The same online form also shows which districts the voter lives in. By clicking on “View Sample Ballot,” the voter can see the names of all candidates as they will appear on the ballot in applicable congressional, state, and local races.

Photo ID

Poll workers request a photo ID before someone votes in person in South Carolina. However, those who cannot produce photo ID may vote a provisional ballot. In order for the provisional ballot to count, the voter must either show photo ID to the election commission before the election is certified (usually two or three days after the election); or bring a non-photo voter registration card to the polls and sign an affidavit as to the “reasonable impediment” preventing the voter from getting a photo ID. See further details in the image below, or on The relevant election law is codified at South Carolina Code Section 7-13-710.

SC Election Laws - Photo ID