The ABA’s “Top 100 Blawgs”

The American Bar Association has posted its “Top 100 Blawgs” list for 2016.

Law students with a little more free time than usual over winter break may want to check out the following law-related blogs in particular, since the topics relate to law students, early-career lawyers, or legal career advice. Links to blog home pages and sample blog posts are below.

Associate’s Mind

Birmingham lawyer/blogger Keith Lee who has been in practice for roughly six years, writes about the transition from law school to lawyer, getting that first job, and improving from there.

Before the Bar

This is the official blog of the ABA’s Law Student Division.

Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports

A law professor at the University of Chicago blogs about law schools nationwide. Some posts are deep dives into the inner workings of legal academia, while some are directly of interest to current law students.

The Gen Why Lawyer

Nicole Abboud passed the bar five years ago. She practiced family law, then fashion law, then founded the Gen Why Lawyer podcast.

Law School Café

One law professor with multiple teaching awards (Deborah J. Merritt) and one 27-year-old law graduate who has been named by National Law Journal as one of the 100 most influential lawyers (Kyle McEntee) moderate a discussion about how law school and the legal profession need to change.

The Lawyer Whisperer

A former lawyer who now works as both a consultant to law firms and a career strategist for lawyers, writes an advice column for lawyers.

Thanks to the ABA for highlighting so many interesting blogs. See all Top 100 Blawgs.