Law Library Construction Progress, Part III

More photos of construction progress are below. The book move starts May 8. It’s almost time!

entrance to the student commons, facing south (toward Senate St.)                        Photo: Tobias Brasier

circulation desk at library entrance; Gervais St. law school entrance is visible      Photo: Tobias Brasier

moving blankets have not yet been removed from the reference desk                     Photo: Tobias Brasier

shelving on the law library’s first floor, facing Gervais Street                                    Photo: Duncan Alford

view of Coleman Karesh Reading Room facing south (toward Senate St.)              Photo: Tobias Brasier

Coleman Karesh Reading Room, standing on the 2nd floor facing west (3rd floor shelving visible through upper windows)                                                                                                         Photo: Tobias Brasier

bookshelves on the 3rd floor (view facing windows along Bull St.)                           Photo: Tobias Brasier

For good measure, a couple of law school building photos from outside the law library are below.

a law school classroom, facing Pickens Street                                                                   Photo: Duncan Alford

law school courtroom, facing Pickens Street                                                                      Photo: Duncan Alford

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