Law Library Cornucopia

This is the law library’s first Thanksgiving in our 1525 Senate Street location. Here are a few things for which law library faculty and staff are thankful—some that are specific to our new space, and some that have remained constant.

“I am thankful for electronic compact shelving which allowed us to provide numerous group study rooms and the beautiful Coleman Karesh Reading Room by efficiently using library space.” Duncan Alford

“The resource I am most grateful for is the library staff itself and their supportive, helpful, can-do attitudes.” Dan Brackmann

“I’m thankful for the beautiful reading room on the second floor of the law library. I just love walking out of my office in the Librarian Suite on the third floor and looking down on the students studying in such a grand room.” Terrye Conroy

“I am thankful for the great relationships we have with other USC Libraries as well as libraries across the country—whether sharing ideas or sharing materials through interlibrary loan. It is wonderful to know that we can benefit from other collections even as we share our own—and that a patron is not left empty-handed!” Aaron Glenn

“The broken record in me has to express my thanks for the Coleman Karesh Reading Room. While it’s exciting to see the changes that are happening in libraries the world over that challenge your preconceived notions of what a library is, it’s comforting to have familiar features that make you say ‘phew—this is still that kind of library.’

I also have to express my gratitude for the contributions of our student employees. Whether they’re helping patrons find resources, answering phones, shelf-reading, shifting, shushing, or on the front lines of the fight for a food-free library, they certainly help to make this place tick!” Andy Kretschmar

“I’m thankful for Hein Online. Not only is it a beautiful archive (journals going all the way back to Vol. 1!), it offers PDFs of everything it contains, so original pagination is preserved. Thanks to Hein Online, I’ll never have to touch another moldy, rotting Congressional Record again! Happy day!” Rebekah Maxwell

“I am grateful for the new location in which our new building is situated and the resultant feeling of spaciousness both inside and outside.” Amy Persons

“I’m grateful for the South Carolina Code of Laws Annotated in print. It’s what we can offer our public patrons who don’t have the privilege of Westlaw or Lexis passwords. It does not require a comfort level with computers; the annotations lead the reader to cases that interpret the statutes; and it’s free. Sometimes we take that for granted, but it’s powerful stuff.” Eve Ross

Happy Thanksgiving to all! (Our hours over Thanksgiving weekend.)