Resource Review: HeinOnline’s Military Legal Resources Library

by Dan Brackmann, guest author

With the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States’ entry into the Second World War, this Resource Review highlights Hein’s new Military Legal Resource library. Based on materials scanned from the U.S. Army’s JAG School, this collection includes obvious elements such as the legislative history of the Code of Military Justice and transcripts of various Nuremberg trials (including the Judges’ or Justice Trial). However, it goes well beyond this by including significant coverage of other topics such as war crimes, the Geneva Convention, treatment of civilian populations, and aspects of international law as it pertains to armed conflict. It also contains, as a special collection, the library of law school professor Francis Lieber, author of the first code of armed conflict on land as well as a pioneer in the early days of political science.  You can read all about this library here:

screenshot of the introduction page of HeinOnline's Military Legal Resources Library.

This library presents a rich collection of primary material dealing with areas on international law and human rights in the most extreme of circumstances.  While much of the material can be found elsewhere, some of it is only digitized here and all of it is collected in a single place, making it uniquely useful to interested in scholarship in these areas.

The Resource Review will resume in January.