Law Library Construction Progress, Part V contains a veritable library of law school construction photos. Here are a few additional photos, taken by the director of the law library, Duncan Alford.

entrance to the law school facing Senate Street
Senate Street entrance                                                                                                           Photo: Duncan Alford
wall of wood paneling with three monitor screens and a judge's bench
law school courtroom                                                                                                              Photo: Duncan Alford
soft red chairs near a glass wall; round ottomans and low tables on carpet
student commons (to be open to students 24/7)                                                            Photo: Duncan Alford
three benches; six chairs; glass walls and exterior doors
soft seating in the entryway of the law library                                                              Photo: Duncan Alford
two chairs near tall windows, with natural light and suspended lighting
soft seating overlooking the Coleman Karesh Reading Room                                  Photo: Duncan Alford
newly planted tree and grass, brick patio, stone benches
courtyard view, facing dining area                                                                                    Photo: Duncan Alford
newly planted palmetto tree in courtyard, lamps visible in reading room windows
courtyard view, facing Coleman Karesh Reading Room                                              Photo: Duncan Alford
3 stories of carpeted stairs, elongated rectangle staircase with a slight "spiral staircase" effect
law library stairwell                                                                                                               Photo: Duncan Alford
staircase with railing and landing; large light-filled windows to the right create shadows
staircase in the classroom wing, view from second floor to first floor                    Photo: Duncan Alford

This is our final post about construction. Starting tomorrow, our blog’s focus will shift to cover the library move.

Law Library Move

We will close at noon on May 8 to prepare for the move. 3Ls must clean out their carrels and return the keys by noon on May 8.

Reference librarians will be available via email Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., during the move, with the exception of May 18 and 19, the days of our office move.

We reopen at 1525 Senate Street on May 30, 2017.

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