September is Library Card Sign-Up Month

Download Media for Free

Why pay for ebooks, audiobooks, online ad-free magazines, mp3s from the Sony music catalog, or streaming video, when you can get all this for free on your own internet-enabled device, courtesy of your public library, without leaving home?

Local public libraries in and near Columbia offer some great downloadables. For example, check out what’s available in Lexington and Richland counties.

You just need to download an app and type in your library card number to access free media on your device, wherever you are, with no need to visit the library in person. Both Lexington and Richland provide simple how-to-download instructions and email or phone support.

Get a Library Card

If you like the downloadables that Richland Library offers, and you’re a current USC law student living outside Richland County, just bring your student ID or official class schedule with you to a Richland Library location when you sign up for a library card. Current USC law students can get a Richland Library card for free, no matter what county they live in (normally there is a $65 annual fee for non-Richland residents).

Read more about how to sign up for a library card if you live in Lexington County or Richland County.

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