Resource Review: MyHein

By Dan Brackmann, guest author

Back in May, Hein recently gave the MyHein feature a “facelift,” making it a good time to highlight that feature. MyHein is a personally customizable tool with several applications for researchers, including:

  • Bookmarking documents
  • Saving search queries
  • Saving search histories
  • Creating electronic table of contents (eTOC) alerts
  • Marking databases as favorites for easier access
  • Setting up author alerts
  • Organizing research into folders
  • Accessing your Author Portal
  • Accessing your SmartCILP Portal
  • And coming soon, accessing your IFLP Alerts Portal

the MyHein screen with a link in the upper right corner circled in red. The link goes to the User's Guide.

Notice the link to the user’s guide in the upper right corner.  This guide tells you how to use all MyHein’s features.

If you prefer a more audiovisual presentation, Hein has a video on the facelift here: