LibraryFest 2018: Harry Potter and the School of Law

The law library’s annual LibraryFest, an open house orientation, took place on Wednesday, September 19 from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm. This year, LibraryFest had a Harry Potter theme.

Tour of Great Hall, Chamber of Secrets, Etc.

Law library faculty and staff in Hogwarts’ Great Hall, actually the Coleman Karesh Reading Room. Thanks to Professor Aaron Glenn for casting the spells needed to make this magical portrait move.
Regenia Dowling, business manager of the law library and prefect of Hufflepuff House, closes the library administration office in order to act as a greeter for LibraryFest.
Professor Dan Brackmann turns pages with his wand. Really, the pages were turning. It’s too bad this is a photo and not video.
Professor Aaron Glenn demonstrates the wonders of the South Carolina Legal History Room (in some ways, a Chamber of Secrets, because it is usually kept locked)
Prof. Brackmann and Hedwig in the Great Hall
Professor Eve Ross and a lost owl outside the Coleman Karesh Reading Room
Professor Terrye Conroy, Legal Research, dressed as Professor Pomona Sprout, Herbology
Professor Rebekah Maxwell explains our scanner that will let you scan pages from a book, and email them as a PDF for free. Muggle technology is amazing!
Librarians Amanda Bullington of Hufflepuff House and Megan Brown of Slytherin House demonstrate the garnet dry-erase walls in a sorting-hat study room.
Visitors to the various stations throughout the library received tickets. Students placed their tickets in the goblet of their choice, and Professor Brackmann randomly selected the winning ticket from each goblet. All winners have now been notified. We are especially thrilled on behalf of the lucky winners of the books! The best prize!

Which Hogwarts House is Your Librarian in?

Obviously each member of law library administration, faculty, and staff contains all the qualities of bravery, loyalty, wisdom, and ambition. And as Dumbledore said, “It is our choices … that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 333 (1998). Nonetheless, all must be sorted by the Sorting Hat, and all took a very official and scientifically valid personality quiz to determine the following results.

Team Gryffindor (brave)

Duncan Alford
Diana Grosso

Team Hufflepuff (loyal)

Amanda Bullington
Terrye Conroy
Regenia Dowling
Eve Ross

Team Ravenclaw (wise)

Lillian Bates
Dan Brackmann
Aaron Glenn
Andy Kretschmar
Rebekah Maxwell
Candle Wester

Team Slytherin (ambitious)

Megan Brown